What Makes Jazz Unique from Other Music Genre?

Jazz is a music genre that originated in the field centuries ago. Black farmhands working as slaves made songs to express themselves and it was a good pass time. They even kept African homelands traditions and culture alive in the form of jazz music. At that time, the music was not called jazz but the slaves played and sang it in an especially different way.

In the early 1900s, America’s black people’s music got its name Jazz in New Orleans. It is the homeland of the Jazz music genre. In 1865, slavery got abolished but still, African-Americans did not get the same response as the white Americans did. However, jazz music was enjoyed by both the American community – the black and the white. By the 1920s, jazz escalated its popularity and got influenced by music from Africa & Europe.

What does jazz music have that sets it apart?

Jazz has every element another music genre has –

  • It has a melody, which is the song tune that everyone remembers.
  • It has harmony, which are the notes that add value to the melody sound.
  • It has a rhythm that is the song’s heartbeat.

The cool thing that sets jazz apart from other music is ‘Improvisation’. It means music can be made on-spot. There is no need to have long discussions with other band members. Just play!

Check the jazz calendar in NYC on birdlandjazz.com. Book your tickets and visit to listen to the extremely soulful music. Jazz musicians say they find it easy to express their emotions, while in classic you need to read the sheet music from top to bottom.

You need to be focused on a technicality to make the song perfect. In jazz, you focus on being creative using your imagination. The sky is the limit!

What makes jazz music unique?

In Jazz, a song starts with a melody, but each musician takes a turn in modifying. All kinds of crazy notes are played including low, high, short, long, clear, and gravelly. The performers, who don’t go solo play quietly or accompany the main artist. The melody returns, at the end. Improvisation capability makes jazz songs seem different every time it is heard, unlike pop music you listen to on the radio.

Jazz music’s approach to rhythm makes it seem different. There is nothing like rhythmic surprises in presentations, which makes listeners tap their feet but musicians alter the length of the note-making some go short while holding some longer.

Leeo Jamarr

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