Seven Awesome Reasons to Play the Viola

The viola is a musical instrument that has a history distinguished as that of other members of the violin family. It takes its place in the orchestra and a lot of the most famous forms of chamber music. These days, there are many viola virtuosi, especially among the younger generation. If you are interested in classical music, listening to viola music might impress you. The viola and violin look the same.

The viola is referred to as a bigger violin or smaller cello, which makes it perfect for a lot of reasons such as the following:

The Viola is Unique

Only a few people begin to play the viola and playing it will make you and your instrument unique. Being able to perform a piece using the viola will make music-minded individuals notice you.

It is Available in Different Sizes and Lengths

The viola is between a cello and a violin. That is why you can get it in a lot of sizes and lengths for all kinds of people, short and tall.

It Lets you Play Different Music

If you play the viola, you get to play cello music, violin music, and your own music. As a result, you will learn how to read a lot of various clefs, providing you with the upper hand in future music theory lessons.

It Allows to Play Different Music Genres

As you play a wide variety of musical instruments, you will be adept at playing a lot of genres of music. These include classical, baroque, 20th century, romantic, Broadway, rock and roll, and others. With the viola, you will be a flexible musician.

The Viola is Getting More Attention from the Musical Community

These days, composers love to write for the viola and their pieces are getting more and more attention from the current musical community. A number of such pieces may even include electric viola.

The Viola Lets you Play the Harmony

Although many musicians are concentrating on playing the melody out front, you will get to play the harmony with the viola. The viola supports and helps other instruments, which makes you a true team player. Also, this makes it a good instrument for those who are shy and love to blend in.

The Word Viola is Associated with a Lot of Beautiful Things

The word viola is associated with beautiful things such as the flower, the actress, the baseball player, and even a Shakespeare character. This makes the viola truly recognizable.

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