Introducing Your Child To Symphony: Things Parents Need To Know!

If you are a fan of classical music and would want your child to follow the genre, you should consider taking him/her for an orchestra. Most regular goers will agree that symphony music is a different experience in itself. Once your child finds interest in this, you can choose to enroll him for something like Dallas Symphony Young Strings program. However, the first and foremost step is to introduce the child to the symphony experience, and for that parents need to follow a certain set of tips. Here’s more on the basics!

Discuss it with the child

The first and foremost step is to discuss the idea of an orchestra with the child, and this is an extremely important aspect. A lot of venues don’t encourage inviting children, primarily because they don’t have the patience or interest to sit through the symphony. Start by understanding if your child actually has interest in the genre. For that, you need to allow the child to sit with you for at least a 10-minute piece. Check if the child is interested, if he/she understands the movement of music. Symphony music can be cheerful, happy, sort, melodramatic and fun in the same concert, so you need to know if the little one understands the changes.

Explain the dos and don’ts

The dos and don’ts of visiting a symphony remains the same for every guest. Children would be expected to sit back and stay silent during the entire event, and they are also required to avoid talking, singing and humming to the music. You have to understand that kids are extremely naughty at times, so patience is the key here. Make sure that your child doesn’t demand a phone, and if he has a gadget, take that away. You are expected to reach the venue at least 30 minutes before the concert. Eating is not allowed during the concert, so grab a sandwich for the kids before you step ahead.

Final word

An evening at the symphony could be an engaging experience for the entire family. The good news is many venues do sell tickets online, and if you are taking the child for the first time, ensure that the seats are good enough for him/her to appreciate everything that’s happening on stage. Check online now to find more on symphony concerts near you and book your tickets now – Your child will relish the interaction with music.

Leeo Jamarr

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